Dalibor Martinis - Film Without Film
10 June - 4 August 2018
Opening: Saturday 9 June 3 - 6pm

Dalibor Martinis, Film Without Film, 2017, film still. Courtesy of the artist.

The chain of events that led to not showing of original, primary film Z1,0339 and making of Film Without Film was totally out of my control. The idea to make a film out of the material that was shot by Attorney's office in Split came to me in a flash moment when the deputy attorney, after the questioning was over, mentioned that I am entitled to one copy of the video recording. Only then I asked her if I could use that material for some artistic purposes and she said: yes, it is your copy and you can do whatever you want with it. In the film's closing title the name of the person appointed by Attorney's office to handle the camera and the recording is written as a cinematographer because that's what she was. (I like the counter-shot in the small frame within a frame, but I realize the purpose of it was to show the situation in the room by covering the whole space with two cameras since the video recording had the power of evidence).
It will stay debatable whether the new Film Without Film is actually better than the original Z1,0339 (this is what I think anyway but you will never know), but the thing is that one had to be sacrificed for the other.

The case ended good for me, the attorney rejected the report by Ana Peraica so it didn't go to court.
(I am attaching a text titled Evidentiary Realism which I found on the net and you may find interesting too).
I would prefer the projection since the title points strongly to its filmic character.
The dates I leave to you.

650mAh presents the UK premiere of Eastern European video art pioneer, Dalibor Martinis’ Film Without Film (2017). Film Without Film will show at 650mAh’s Hove location for the duration of the exhibition, accompanied by an online screening programme of previous works at www.650mah.com/dalibor-martinis-screenings.

In Film Without Film (2017) Dalibor Martinis testifies in his defense about the events that led to the not-showing of Z1,0339 (made in 2013). The verbal description of the movie and his own artistic procedure that Dalibor Martinis gives in front of the deputy state attorney is a substitute for the movie Z1,0339 which the author must not show. The film without film is still a film, and the circumstances that made its screening impossible, and brought the author to the unpleasant and sad situation now becomes its structural part.

Online Film Screenings

As part of the exhibition, 650mAh will be screening four of Martinis’ previous film works on its website. Each work will be viewable for a period of two weeks on www.650mah.com/dalibor-martinis-screenings.

Film Programme

Open Reel, 1976, b/w, 3:40 min
A camera on a tripod is connected with a video-recorder. The artist is sitting in front of the camera. After starting the recorder, he gathers up the video-tape uncoiling from the first reel and passing through the magnetic head, and instead of coiling it on the second reel he winds it around his head, turning around on his chair. In the end his face is completely swathed in video-tape on which his face is recorded over which is coiled the video-tape on which his face is recorded over which …
Showing: 9 - 23 June 2018

Chanoyu, 1983 (with Sanja Ivekovic), colour, 11 min
Simplicity, serenity, harmony, achievement of great subtlety through entirely natural means - these are the main values of “chanoyu”, the traditional Japanese tea-ceremony. This video mocks the western way of dealing with the subject: a typical conjugal quarrel, with instant-tea and with the TV set running.
Showing: 23 June - 7 July 2018

The Bride, The Bachelors - Even, 1992 (with Sanja Ivekovic), colour, 13:50 min
Is this a love song being transmitted through the air, or is it just the buzz of a desire mechanism in the ears of the receivers? The symmetry of male and female aspirations, fears and angers maps the new landscape of desire stripped bare by new technologies.
Showing: 7 - 21 July 2018

DM/1978 Talks to DM/2010, 1978/2010, colour, 9:51 min
DM talks to DM is a time-travel/data recovery project with a 31 year span. In 1978 artist made a performance as TV interview in which he posed questions to himself. The questions are recorded on videotape. The answers to these questions artist gave during live TV show “Other Format” broadcast by Croatian Television in the year 2010.
Showing: 21 July - 4 August 2018


Dalibor Martinis (b. 1947, Zagreb) lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Martinis has exhibited since 1969 and works as a video artist. He has had numerous personal shows, performances and video screenings, and participated in many international exhibitions (Biennales: Sao Paolo, Venice, Kwang-ju, Thessaloniki, Cetinje, Cairo, Ljubljana; Documenta/Kassel, and so on). His films and video works have been shown at film/video festivals in, for example, Berlin, Tokyo, Montreal and Locarno, most recently at international short film festivals in Oberhausen and Bogota in 2014, Vienna and Seattle in 2015. He has had grants from the Canada Council (1978) Jaica (Japan 1984), and ArtsLink (USA, 1994, and 2010).
He has won a number of international prizes and awards (Tokyo Video Festival 1984; Locarno 1984; Alpe Adria Film Festival/Trieste 1996; Best Experimental Film Award at Bogota Short Film Festival 2014) and in Croatia (the Josip Račić Award for 1995; the City of Zagreb Award for 1998; the HDLU Annual Award for 2009; and the 2013 T-HT Award.)
His works are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art/Zagreb, the Museum of Modern Art/New York, Stedelijk Museum/Amsterdam, ZKM Karlsruhe, New York Public Library, Kontakt/Erste Bank, Vienna etc.