Dalibor Martinis - Online Film Screenings
9 June - 4 August 2018

As part of Dalibor Martinis' exhibition, Film Without Film, 650mAh will be screening four of Martinis’ previous film works on its website. Each work will be viewable for a period of two weeks.

Film Programme

Open Reel, 1976, b/w, 3:40 min
A camera on a tripod is connected with a video-recorder. The artist is sitting in front of the camera. After starting the recorder, he gathers up the video-tape uncoiling from the first reel and passing through the magnetic head, and instead of coiling it on the second reel he winds it around his head, turning around on his chair. In the end his face is completely swathed in video-tape on which his face is recorded over which is coiled the video-tape on which his face is recorded over which …
Showing: 9 - 23 June 2018

Chanoyu, 1983 (with Sanja Ivekovic), colour, 11 min
Simplicity, serenity, harmony, achievement of great subtlety through entirely natural means - these are the main values of “chanoyu”, the traditional Japanese tea-ceremony. This video mocks the western way of dealing with the subject: a typical conjugal quarrel, with instant-tea and with the TV set running.
Showing: 23 June - 7 July 2018

The Bride, The Bachelors - Even, 1992 (with Sanja Ivekovic), colour, 13:50 min
Is this a love song being transmitted through the air, or is it just the buzz of a desire mechanism in the ears of the receivers? The symmetry of male and female aspirations, fears and angers maps the new landscape of desire stripped bare by new technologies.
Showing: 7 - 21 July 2018

DM/1978 Talks to DM/2010, 1978/2010, colour, 9:51 min
DM talks to DM is a time-travel/data recovery project with a 31 year span. In 1978 artist made a performance as TV interview in which he posed questions to himself. The questions are recorded on videotape. The answers to these questions artist gave during live TV show “Other Format” broadcast by Croatian Television in the year 2010.
Showing: 21 July - 4 August 2018